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All You Need To Know About Thai Massage & Its Healing Powers

Are you tired of the relentless pace, stress and daily grind? Do you constantly need to stop for some time and give yourself some hours of relaxation? If the above questions sound relatable, our massage spa Dehradun, is just where you must visit. Massage is a vast term. From the precise techniques of Shiatsu to the soothing strokes of Swedish massage, each type is unique and offers varying benefits. In this diverse world of massages, Thai  massage  therapy  is a massage kind known for providing a comprehensive experience.  

Although we offer several massages and spa treatments, today, we have written this blog post to introduce you to real Thai Massage. It is one of the most influential and renowned massage therapies that engages the mind and body. This explanation is not enough, and we understand your curiosity to know entirely about it. As a result, the Sparsh team has curated this blog post containing all you must know about Thai massage. From what it is to its benefits, this post is a must-read for you if you consider experiencing this massage.

What is Thai Massage?

Originated in India 2500 years ago, Thai massage is an ancient healing practice. This massage type involves a unique form of bodywork containing acupressure, Yoga and meditation. The combination of these three promotes emotional and physical health. Typically, this massage is performed on a mat on the floor, and the therapists use their hands, elbows, feet and knees to stretch and apply pressure on muscles. 

Another name for Thai Massage is Yoga for the lazy. This name was given to this massage because it is a kind of passive Yoga where the therapist does the work for the client. Therapists stretch their clients’ bodies into varying Yoga-like stretches and positions while applying pressure to specific points on their bodies. Pressure applied on the points results in releasing tension and enhancing flexibility. 

Every massage works or is based on a belief, which is no different from Thai massage. This massage is based on the idea that “sen”, meaning energy flows through the body along specific pathways known as “sen line’. When these sen lines are blocked, they result in mental and physical discomfort. Thai  body massage aims to unblock these pathways and enhance the energy flow throughout the body while promoting harmony and balance. 

As you have a brief idea about Thai massage, let’s move on to the next section explaining its procedure to give you a deeper understanding.

How is a Thai massage done?

Unlike other massages, Thai massage does not involve a massage table. Instead, it is performed on a mat spread directly on the floor. Typically, the time taken to perform this massage therapy is 90 minutes. During a full body Thai massage, therapists use their entire bodies to stretch and apply pressure on their client’s body. They use their hands, elbows, feet, and knees to walk, stand and kneel on the massage recipient to create profound pressure on their body. 

Another factor distinguishing Thai  body massage from other massages is that it does not involve the use of oil. The recipient lies on the mat on their stomach with their face up. The therapists massage the feet and move up to the legs while applying pressure with a rhythmic, rocking motion through palms and thumbs. After this, the recipient is guided to perform a series of stretches targeting hips, lower back and legs. As Thai massage is known as lazy man’s Yoga, the effort is mostly put by the therapists as they guide the recipients into the sirens of motion and stretches. In most parts of the massage, the only thing required from the recipient is to breathe to help deepen into stretches. 

As our  best spa in Dehradun  has introduced you to the process of Thai massage briefly, let us move on to this post’s next part, which will highlight the health benefits of this massage.

Benefits of Thai massage

Several studies and research pieces suggest that Thai massage offers various health benefits. Some of these numerous advantages are listed below.

Relieves headaches
The daily grind of your life often results in headaches, which can hinder your regular tasks. If you experience tension headaches or have migraines, visiting us for a Thai body massage in Dehradun can help you get relief from your headaches. Thai massage eases the symptoms of headaches. Research suggests that this massage is highly effective for people with chronic headaches. Thai massages are reported to reduce the intensity of migraines and tension headaches. Thai massage is your go-to solution if you are tired of taking pharmaceutical remedies for your headaches and wish for a non-pharmaceutical treatment. Studies suggest that the effect of Thai massage can last anywhere between several days to 15 weeks. 

Reduces back pain
Back pain is another common problem among individuals today due to their lousy sitting posture at desk jobs. Sitting every day for long hours in front of screens has increased the number of people complaining about back pain. Pharmaceutical remedies are one method to get rid of this pain. However, Thai massage is a must-try for you if you wish to relieve back pain through non-pharmaceutical means. Studies suggest this massage is highly effective in reducing chronic back pain. It decreases back pain associated with painful and tight muscle clusters in the upper back. 

Relieves joint pain and stiffness
Another perk of Thai massage is that it reduces joint pain and stiffness. Pain in joints can result in decreasing joint function. By choosing Thai massage, you can enhance your joint function. Studies suggest that when Thai massage is combined with wand exercises, it works to reduce joint pains. One study on 60 osteoarthritis patients suggested that three weeks of Thai massage provides the same relief as three weeks of ibuprofen. 

Enhances flexibility
People involved in athletics need their mobility and flexibility to be flawless. Thai massage has proven itself to improve flexibility as the muscles are stretched in this massage. It can enhance motion and flexibility by decreasing muscle adhesion and improving oxygen and blood flow in the body. Several athletes rely on this massage to restore their stuck flexibility. 

Reduces anxiety
Thai massage is also beneficial for mental health as it decreases anxiety. It is one of the most appealing benefits of this massage. Researchers suggest that Thai massage brings a sense of relaxation and calm. It is one of the most energetic massages that enhance the systemic feeling of calm while lowering anxiety. Researchers have also found that people who regularly receive Thai massage have lower psychological stress than others. People receiving this massage show brain scans with much lower anxiety and higher relaxation. 

Restores energy
The daily hustle and bustle of life can lower your energy levels. It is what Thai massage helps with. This massage involves the movement of the entire body. These body movements release the muscle tension and provide a feeling of rejuvenation. People who feel fatigued must go for a Thai massage session to restore their energy levels. 

The above benefits of Thai massage must have fascinated you to visit Sparsh Spa in Dehradun by female for a relaxing Thai massage session. But, it would be best if you were unaware of what to expect from your Thai massage sessions. To ensure you know what you will get in this session, read the next section of this blog.

What to expect in a Thai massage session?

To start with Thai massage preparations, therapists suggest you wear loose-fitting clothes. However, if you do not come wearing loose clothing, you need not worry, as we have got you covered. The Sparsh spa & salon team will provide clean, loose clothes, including a cotton top and drawstring pants. Now, the question comes, why is loose clothing crucial? It is because a Thai massage involves a lot of movements and stretching. Therefore, for easy movements, therapists need you to wear loose-fitting clothes. 

The next step is lying on a mat spread on the floor. You must know that Thai massage is not performed on massage tables. Once you lie down on the mat, the therapist will start massaging your feet and slowly moving your body with multiple stretches while applying pressure. Unlike other massages, Thai massage does not involve the use of oil as it is not based on kneading. Instead, it stretches and pulls the recipient into certain positions to relieve muscle tension. While stretching, you might feel discomfort if your muscles are sore. If you think so, let your therapist know, as they will reduce the stretching accordingly. Also, if you have an injury, inform your therapist before the session starts.


Massage is a diverse term involving several unique practices, and Thai massage is one of the most renowned practices in the world. It is widely appreciated for its benefits for physical and mental health. From relieving chronic pain to lowering stress and anxiety, Thai massage is an effective therapy to relax and rejuvenate. If you are tired from the daily hustle, book your Thai massage session today at Sparsh spa & salon.