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Rebalance Your Mind & Body With Sparsh’s Healing & Detoxification Massages!

Adore the healing and detoxifying experience with Healing & Detoxification Massages at Sparsh. 

True wellness and beauty come from within, which is what the Sparsh spa centre Dehradun believes in. We offer a range of Detoxification and Healing massages to make one feel the best from the inside out. Our trained therapists help detoxify and heal the mind, body and soul with ancient and modern massage techniques. 

The Healing & Detoxification massage therapies alleviate pain, reduce stress and help unwind and relax. These therapies are the best steps to start a journey towards wellness and better health. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Focussed on releasing tension and targeting deep muscle tissue layers, a Deep Tissue Massage is an effective treatment for muscle tension, chronic pain and injury recovery. Slow and firm strokes, along with deep pressure, are used by the therapists to reach the deep muscle tissue layers. 

Deep Tissue Massage is especially beneficial for people with chronic pain issues like arthritis and fibromyalgia. This massage therapy releases adhesions and knots in the muscles while promoting better blood circulation and relieving tension and pain. A Deep Tissue Massage is also popular at Sparsh Spa Dehradun among fitness enthusiasts and athletes who have experienced sports injuries. 

In addition to physical benefits, this full body massage helps calm the mind by reducing stress, tension and anxiety and maintains overall health. 

Massage for Slip Disc

A slipped disc occurs when the soft cushion between the vertebrae pushes out of its place and applies pressure on the surrounding nerves. It causes discomfort and pain. Our Massage for Slip Disc in this condition can be highly effective for comforting and relieving pain. 

This massage promotes healing and relieves pain by targeting surrounding muscles. The therapist for this spa massage Dehradun uses massage techniques like myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage. All these techniques aim to promote healing in the affected area and release tension.

One of the many ways the Massage for Slip Disc promotes healing is by improving blood circulation in the affected area. It also reduces inflammation and enhances the motion range and mobility. Our trained therapists cautiously approach this massage and avoid techniques and pressures that might aggravate the condition. 

If you are suffering from an injury or a medical condition like a slipped disc, contact us today for a Healing & Detoxification spa massage Dehradun and make your pain and discomfort disappear.